We aren’t merely manufacturing tweezers. We’re creating tools to help people make the world a better place.

Respect, esteem and mutual trust are the basis of our human relationships, which we all nurture together daily. We strongly believe in loyalty, and promote a culture of feedback and comparison as an element of continuous growth and improvement.

For us, working in a peaceful environment where the right working conditions and work-life balance are preserved is essential to enable everyone to take care of their families.

Together, we strive to convey to our clients our sense of belonging to Regine Group and our values every day, knowing that our success is closely linked to theirs.

What we are today is the result of the sacrifices of those who came before us, and what we do today will be the legacy we leave to our future colleagues.

We are a production company, we are the links in the same chain: what you do depends on those before you and impacts those after you. And we all contribute to satisfy our customers’ needs.

We help each other because we are part of the same team, where every result, positive or negative, is always the result of all of us, together.

We work hard for the same goals. We know how to enjoy moments of victory together, as well as how to band together to face difficult challenges.

We believe in shared welfare: a job to achieve one's aspirations, with prospects for professional and economic growth.

We are aware that the transmission of our extraordinary know-how is a cornerstone of our growth.